What are my costs?

There are a variety of factors and steps that go into developing a website and establishing what will work best for your business.  We understand that cost will be an important factor in deciding who you wish to use as your developer.  We will give you a free estimate/quote of what we think will be involved, and when possible, try to itemize it by the various modules to be developed.  For instance, if you want a website with forums, an e-commerce store, and an image gallery, we would try to present you with some solutions that would best fit your need and give a specific cost for each module, so you can decide if you want to do everything at once, or would rather build one piece at a time.

We enjoy our initial consults with clients and never charge for this.   We want you to feel comfortable with your decision to use us and as such, we like to meet with you and discuss some possible solutions before going forward.  When you make that decision, we will then put together an official quote of price, work to be done, and timeline for completion that we can both reference as we move forward.

Other costs to consider besides a developer's time would be web hosting fees, domain names, any designers you might wish to use, any advertising, and so on.  We'll always do our best to ensure you are aware of any potential cost before work begins so that you aren't surprised in the end, and in this vein, will try to recommend whatever free resources, such as open source software, that might make sense for you.

When it comes down to it, it is in everyone's best interest to keep your costs low, and by doing this, we hope to keep your experience with the Internet a positive and refreshing one.