How do I get my email?

Email is separate from your website.  Most often, your email address will use the same domain name as your website; for instance, here our domain name is "", and our email address also uses that same domain (info@...).  Whitelancer Web Development does not actually host your email (your web host can do that), but we work with your web service provider to ensure that your email addresses are set up properly and that you know how to access them.  Unlike services like Gmail or Yahoo, typically your mail will be accessed using clients such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird and downloaded to your local machine.  If you prefer, though, we can work to set up a web interface, too!

If you don't want the hassle of checking another email account, other options are available — you could simply have your email address forward to an existing mailbox, even one at Yahoo or Gmail, if you so desire.  Of course, an email address at your domain looks more professional than a publicly-hosted address such as at Yahoo or Gmail, so we always recommend taking the extra time.

We're happy to help you with your email issues, especially when it comes to migrating to a new email address.  It's very important not to lose mail and while problems can occasionally occur, we work hard to ensure all is working as intended as quickly as possible.